Accessible venues and events

It's easy to ensure that your live events are available to people who don't have the ability to hear. People can simply point their browser to your subtitle page and get live subtitles. People that cannot see can also receive audio descriptions on their phones. You could alternatively use our system to output subtitles in different languages.

Aside from the software/service all you need is someone to type what's being said, the text from the typist will appear live to the people who are using this system. Alternatively if your show is fully scripted you can load your script in its entirety and optionally type any unexpected events.

There is an optional feedback system. If this feature is enabled audience members can submit questions to the speaker in text. Useful for people who cannot talk.

Our software is available in two versions. You can host the software yourself or purchase the software as a service. The software can be used for events at venues and/or events that are streamed online.

If you're hosting the software yourself, your server must have PHP and MySQL installed, your server must also have ionCube.


Admin Demo Username: admin Password: admin

Click here to purchase the software as a service

To order this software to host yourself, please start the process by entering the URL where the script will be installed.